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The Principals of Cypress Group

Cypress Group was founded in 1987 on the belief that highly successful organizations have integrated business processes, well-qualified personnel, and an appropriate balance of technology.

It is our goal to create this environment for our clients and help them develop a growing, flexible organization that is responsive to its customers and financially successful. Our approach is to work closely with management to clearly define the current business condition, identify areas of improvement with the highest potential gains, develop a strategy and implementation plan, and assist in the execution of the plan. Training, coaching, and content expertise are provided throughout the process to achieve the goals on schedule and within budget.

Cypress Group works with your organization to affect positive change within the organization. Our job is to assist your personnel in developing and utilizing improved management techniques. While we bring experience in professional areas to guide the creation of successful solutions and improvements, we do it as a Team with your personnel so that they understand not only the solution but how it was developed and the thought behind the strategy for successful implementation. This approach of client involvement eliminates the business challenge addressed by the project and trains your people as part of the process.

Cypress Group can accomplish significant change quickly using a combination of one-on-one and team approaches. Your personnel will gain a better content knowledge of the subject and an understanding of how to integrate the change into your organization. Change is accomplished by individuals who understand why it is done, as well as how to do it.

Cypress Group is a full service organization dedicated to providing consulting services and education to industry, giving them the ability to effectively compete in the global arena. We are associated with other independent consultants who possess expertise in a wide variety of specialties. With this capability, support can be provided economically in diverse areas to address your special requirements.